Who We Are – Synod Bioscience is a leading up company that renders effective waste management systems all around world. We are based in Cochin, the economic capital of Kerala. The company focuses on well differentiated technology to provide effective waste management systems for various agricultural and food processing sectors. We also provide sustainable solutions for the various bio energy plants and water recycling systems across the country. Synod Bioscience design, build and operate power plants that generate additional benefits for its customers.  Our practical approach optimizes the resources to contribute the best institutional biogas plants as well as the community biogas plants across the world.


The services from Synod Bioscience are not just restricted to bio gas technology as well as water recycling units. Along with this we provide a vast array of associated services too. We implement innovative technology to help the agricultural sector to generate more revenues from the efficient management of organic agricultural wastes. Synod Bioscience mainly orient on renewable waste to generate energy. The modern advancements in the agricultural and industrial sector bring out massive wastes that are hazardous for the environment. These need to be effectively recycled to usable forms with the help of latest technology and resources. At this point Synod Bioscience plays a key role by providing the best solutions for biomass utilization and energy generation to the maximum. This is a boon for the community habitat and industrial segments to maximize high performance to key functionalities.


Our team of experts consists of professionals with many years of inter disciplinary experience in the bio gas industry. There are qualified professionals from the different streams such as Biochemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology and Process engineering. We offer premium quality technology for the customers by providing best available technology through different partners so as to meet their custom requirement. Synod Bioscience aims to extract maximum energy from the minimum biogas plant material. We improve the profitability of owners and city planners by lower capital investment and operating costs to deal with the real causes of environmental pollution.

The major focuses of Synod Bioscience are:

  • To offer the best bio gas technology for the domestic and commercial consumers
  • Provide effective water recycling systems for industrial requirements
  • To minimize the operational expenditure of the energy plant
  • Maximize green energy production and minimize the fossil fuel usage
  • Reduce the green house gas display in to the atmosphere
  • Zero waste management by efficient industrial waste disposal



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